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It is a new state-of-art beef plant from Marchese Group, located at Castelvetro Piacentino (PC), a strategic logistic place at north Italy.

The plant covers a total area of 20.000 square meters, whose 5.000 square meters are covered, where we find:

  • Nr. 3 storage chambers for carcasses, with a total capacity of 120.000 Kg
  • Nr. 1 chamber for vacuum packed products, with a total capacity of 60.000 Kg
  • Nr. 2 storage frozen products chambers at – 20°C, with a total capacity of 1.200.000 Kg
  • Nr. 1 freezing tunnel at – 40°C, with a total capacity of 10.000 Kg
  • Nr. 2 deboning room, with a total capacity of 60.000 kg / day

Mediterranea Meat debone young bulls and heifers from Italian and European origins such as, France, Spain, Germany and Poland. Our intensive production selection allows us to obtain and offer our clients different lines of products:

  • Mediterranea Meat: our standard line from young bulls and heifer, marked by good compromise between price and quality
  • El macho: our young bulls’ selection, only cuts with good fat cover and uniformity are under this brand
  • Génisse: our heifers’ selection, only cuts with good fat cover, uniformity and marbling are under this brand
  • Italian Black: from 100% certified Black Angus bred in Italy

Our products are vacuum packed and, thanks to the usage of high-tech vacuum bags and our modern vacuum machine, are very well protected from foreign contaminants and preserves the freshness and taste of our products.

A key aspect, which marks our production, is the cold chain maintenance along all steps of production up to the delivery to our customers.