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MEDITERRANEA MEAT srl is our new processing plant for beef meat’ deboning and cutting. Located in Castelvetro Piacentino (PC), area of strategic and logistics great relevance, the plant covers a total area of 20,000 square and includes

  • 3 storage cells (total capacity 120,000 kg)
  • 1 cell for under vacuum packing, (total capacity 60,000 kg)
  • 2 cooling cells at - 20 ° (total capacity 1,200,000 kg)
  • freezing tunnel at - 40 ° (total capacity 100,000 kg)
  • a room of deboning (30,000 kg / day)
  • a room for processing hamburgers and minced meat in IQF (3200 kg / day)

Our meat comes from Italian and EU bovines and is chosen following a double criterion of selection, in order to offer to our customers different products’ lines:

  • Mediterranea Meat, from young bulls and heifers Choice selection
  • El macho, from young bulls Prime selection
  • Génisse, from heifers Prime selection

Our meat is perfectly aged and fully marbled: it is tasty, juicy and tender.
Our suppliers are serious, selected breeders, who really take care of the welfare and health of animals. Our meat is excellent because it is all-natural and come from animals reared on pasture without any use of artificial or chemical ingredients, antibiotics or added hormones.
Our cuts are under vacuum packed in carton box, and they preserve all freshness, taste and flavor, thanks to a deep attention to each step of Processing and Cold Chain.
Our team is composed by expert technicians and competent operators who work in full compliance with the regulations of the following certifications

  • HCCP
  • BRC- IFS
  • ISO 9001/2008

Our plant Mediterranea Meat srl is approved to export frozen and chilled beef meat in the following countries EU, Turkey, Emirates, Canada, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand