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Since 1868 Marchese family is engaged in the processing and sale of meat for the international market.

This long tradition has carried the name Marchese to be recognized as a synonym of professionalism, quality and expertise.

Today Marchese Giuseppe, the fifth generation descendant, transforms the company from being purely family and Italian market oriented into multination enterprise operating around the world and carrying out ambitious projects of manufacturing the finest beef.

Our success results from the care which we take in the chain of meat production: from farm to slaughterhouse followed by operative logistics at the time of delivery. We offer our clients a 360 ° service that allows us to meet the varied needs of an evolving market; products offered come from national and international suppliers ,including Angus beef, recognized as the best in the world for tenderness and flavor.

Marchese team consists of selected native speakers and professionals in meat industry; our expertise allows us to respond in a timely manner to both customers’ and market’s demands.



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